"Chris Monaghan has painstakingly gone through every verse of the Bible and given us a treasure trove of insight. The Name Translation is going to bring light and wisdom to your Bible reading for years to come. What a blessing Pastor Chris has given us! You will be surprised and amazed at some of meanings of the names of the people included in Holy Scripture. No matter how many times you’ve read the Bible, going through The Name Translation is sure to excite you. I’m thrilled to endorse this project and know that it will impact many, many people. May God speak over you today His new name for you!"

Dr. Brian Simmons

The Passion Translation Project

Chris Burns

Author and Speaker, Burns Ministries
"More than ever, we need Christians who are Biblically literate. When Jesus was tempted, he spoke scripture. When Jesus was challenged, he spoke scripture. When he was on the cross, he spoke scripture. I am beyond excited for the Name Translation Bible! For lovers of the Word of God this is the tool we’ve been waiting for. I think of how often I mindlessly read through names of people, places, etc. not knowing the power and revelation hidden within them. This is such a powerful, unique, and well thought out version and I highly recommend it. May the Holy Spirit illuminate the Word of God like never before as you read."

Dr. Eugene Bach

Trouble Maker-in-Chief
Back to Jerusalem
"We live in a culture today that is overloaded with useless words filling our texts, Tweets, and blogs. Our brains are overstimulated with the background noise of carefree frivolous language and sometimes we can read our Bible while falsely thinking that the Word of God is just as wasteful with its words, but it is not. Every single word in the Bible was carefully chosen by the Spirit of the Living God – including names. In The Name Translation (TNT), Pastor Chris Monaghan reveals the power of biblical names and helps them come alive by actively engaging with the deeper meanings of the Text, exposing the reader to ideas, concepts, and lessons that can only be discovered by knowing the true meaning of the names that God is using. In Chris' new Bible translation, secret identities and destinies of biblical characters are unlocked by simply revealing the meaning behind their name. Also, by having a full understanding of the proper names of towns, cities, valleys, villages, and mountains, we slowly begin to understand that God did not randomly select locations in the Bible, but each place had a distinct purpose.Names do so much more than just identify people and locations. Names point to purpose. Names point to destiny. Pastor Chris makes it as easy as possible for the reader, by writing the meaning of each name in parenthesis immediately beside. The best part is that you do not have to be a Bible scholar to begin seeing the immediate benefits. An elementary look at the Bible with a new understanding of biblical names makes an instant difference to the magical experience of reading the Bible. Even if you have read the Bible from front to back a hundred times, the TNT translation will give you a completely new and exhilarating experience of God's Word that you never thought possible! I have never endorsed anything in my life with as much enthusiasm as I do this new Bible translation."
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Chris Monaghan is an incredible man of God and an anointed author. I love how his new Name Translation Bible took all the work out of tracking down the names in scripture that paint a more detailed prophetic picture within each passage. This translation shines light on hidden treasures and mysteries in the text and honors the lives of the individuals that God sought to specifically mention by name in His word. I definitely suggest that you add this translation to your arsenal!

Christa Elisha

Arise Kingdom Ministry

Karen Hardin

President of PriorityPR Group & Literary Agency
Once you realize the meaning of the names of people and places, especially in the Old Testament it is amazing how much greater insight often is revealed! The Name Translation version makes that search easy! I LOVE this book as a study tool!

Dr. Andrew Park

Professor of Theology and Ethics at United Theological Seminary
Thanks be to God for the TNT! Reading this TNT enlightens the reader with new insight that otherwise would not be readily available. The TNT potentially catapults one’s understanding of the meaning of the Bible to a higher level. I wholeheartedly recommend the TNT to all Bible readers with an interest in furthering their biblical comprehension.
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Research for The Name Translation (TNT) Bible project has been part of my ministry for over a decade. The more I have devoted myself to the study of names, the more I have become thoroughly convinced of their spiritual significance and how each name undeniably impacts lives and destinies. Learn More
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